Turn Your Loss Into Profit and Extend the Life of Your Machine with ELS Lift Refurbishment Center!


There may be damages in some places as a result of using your machine. In addition to periodic maintenance, it is not difficult to have a machine renewed by ELS Elevator experts without financial difficulties.

More performance!

All parts of every brand machine that comes to the ELS Lift Refurbishment Center are examined in detail. The hydraulic installation, electrical installation and mechanical parts of the machines are checked for compliance with ELS Lift standards.
After the critical evaluation of the machine condition, the price and situation determinations, which are specially studied, are submitted for customer approval. The service starts to renew the transactions where the customer is a transaction.
ELS Lift expert team replaces all parts listed according to the painting process with the originals and completed on the machine.
The paths followed are followed while the installation is made and the zero machine construction that is out of mass production is made. After all transactions are recorded, they are subjected to final checks and tests.
The treated machines are delivered to the customer, supported by ELS Elevator support for 1 year, depending on the compliance with CE standards and the operations performed.

ELS Lift assurance

You can get more workforce by increasing the instructions of your machine. Unlike the renovation service, technical service costs and time loss of machines of all brands, realized with the assurance of ELS Lift, it is your suitable solution partner. In addition, ELS Lift branded used equipments machines have 1 year manufacturer`s warranty.

ELS Lift Used Equipments

The other subsidiary of ELS Lift is to purchase the demands of brand second buyers owned by the customer in new machine sales. Second hand machinery sales potential is quite high abroad as well as in the domestic market. ELS Lift continues to provide services in international markets. In addition, you can request revision service not only for your machines in need of renovation, but also for the machines in the ELS Lift used equipment track.