Great Interest to ELS Lift`s Stand at Bumatech Fair


• ELS Lift, which participated in Bumatech, the only machinery fair of which 80% of the participants are domestic, which took place at Tüyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center between 28 November and 1 December, introduced the new machine model to its users.

Participating in the Bumatech fair, which hosted more than 40 thousand visitors for four days, ELS Lift hosted more than 1000 visitors at its booth during the fair and held warm meetings with over 100 companies. Bursa Metal Processing Technologies Fairs, where more than 150 new order requests were collected; Buyers from various regions such as Palestine, Israel, Philippines, Morocco, Macedonia, Tunisia, Georgia and Egypt showed great interest to the ELS Lift stand.

New Member of Junior Series; EL Junior 4.5!

5 meters from the various properties have access height up to 18 meters, light duty scissor lift, battery powered scissor 4x4 diesel scissor lifts, tow platforms, that produce in the factory in Bursa, the vertical boom lift ELS lift, in a short time in Turkey and international markets has become the preferred user . The light type personal elevator platform, which was presented for the first time at Bumatech fair, attracted great attention from the new 4.5 series of Junior series. The new Junior 4.5, which can fit in the elevator to be built with 365 kg and does not occupy a space of 0.58 m wide, is getting ready to enter mass production in 2020.
Full Marks from Shopping to ELS Lift with Products in European Standards

Expressing the impressions of the fair, ELS Lift Sales & Marketing Responsible Can Mengüç, "Vertical personnel lift platform VM10-J and our products in the scissor lift platform group were among the remarkable machines in the fair. Our products are closely followed by the innovations provided by the industry they are affiliated with and the integration of these elements into our machines offers more advantages to our customers. `` Said. In addition, he added the gratifying news of his compelling advertisements to convince him that they are domestic producers in this regard, and they can be presented with praise for the machines they have bought from their customers and produced in European standards.