ELS Lift`s Precautions Against Covid-19 Virus and Changing Working Strategies


• ELS Lift Sales Marketing Director İrfan İşmak stated that although the effect of the coronavirus on ELS Lift is limited for now, its effects on the society, especially on its dealers, suppliers and customers, are increasing. He said that in this challenging process, the company will continue to provide all kinds of support to all business partners and team members, with the safety of employees being a priority.

The Covid-19 epidemic, which emerged in the Far East and affected the whole world, has restricted many areas such as the global economy and supply chain. In order to slow down the spread of the virus and minimize its effects on company employees, production facilities and commercial life, companies have had to take important measures. ELS Lift Sales Marketing Director İrfan İşmak, who made statements about the measures taken by ELS Lift, which operates in the Personnel Lift Platform sector in Bursa, and the changing working strategies in the face of the current situation, said: `` Production due to the epidemic affecting the global world We are aware that our responsibilities towards our business partners, customers and employees continue, even though the uncertainty in our planning and variable economic conditions make it difficult. For this reason, we strive to fulfill all the commitments we have made as ELS Lift. By meticulously providing security measures, which is our first priority; In addition to continuing our production activities, we will continue to provide spare parts service for all our product models to all our dealers, distributors, service partners and valued customers in the EMEA region and beyond, by our ELS Lift After Sales Services support team for 24 hours.
Some of the measures we take throughout the company while our service operations continue are as follows:
- Online meetings are held with our customers, suppliers and team members who work at home.
- No outside visitors are accepted to our facility during this period.
- All meetings, events and organizations such as training have been canceled or postponed.
- All trips are canceled or postponed.
- We have started to work remotely by reducing our working capacity by 50%.
- At the entrance to the factory, all our personnel are passed through health checks.
- Social distancing rules are observed in all areas of the factory.
- By closely monitoring the effects of coronavirus, compliance with related restrictions, laws and updates is ensured.

In addition to these, we have once again seen that technology and digitalization, which is valid all over the world, due to the cancellation or postponement of organizations such as fairs and sponsorships, which constitute a large share of our annual marketing budget, constitute the most critical part of our business. As our company vision, we will continuously manage our marketing activities and other parts of our business by investing more effort and investing in digitalization, which has always been at the top of our planning. We hope the whole world will overcome this difficult period as soon as possible. "