ELS Lift Will Take Four New Models To Mass Production By 2020


The staff riser platform in the industry by the year 2008, which had ELS lift, completely `national` acting by production concept is positioned between the leading brands in Turkey a global scale. The company, which added a new model in 2019 to its product groups that include battery powered scissor lifts, tower-turn vertical risers and battery-powered articulated platforms, has four new models to be put into mass production as of 2020.

ELS Lift General Manager Kerem Bayrak said that they aim to be among the first and permanent offers that come to mind with the quality they are looking for internationally throughout the year. Bayrak said, “In 2020, we plan to concentrate our activities in the domestic market by taking the target groups we call end users, operators and leasers. This year, we launched three new models in addition to our current products. Among them, Junior 4.5 is a light type personal elevating platform that offers the narrowest arc working opportunity and can be carried by elevator; Another product with narrow rigging was the personal scissor lift platform EL19, which has a high lift capacity, reaching up to 19 meters. In addition, by meeting our vertical personal elevator platform VM6 users; I welcome the product as one of the most preferred models with 6 meters of reach, light and compact structure, ”he said. Kerem Bayrak, who informed that they will introduce four new models to the market in 2020, stated that they have 16 different products in total.

India, Pakistan, Ukraine and It focused on American markets

Kerem Bayrak stated that they make 80 percent of their sales abroad, and that they have developed their activities to increase their activities in the global market, thus increasing their export rate from 62 percent to 83 percent this year. Bayrak said that they focus on field visits and sales and marketing activities in reaching end users in the domestic market and that they closed the first 9 months of the year with a growth of 8 percent. Stating that they have made a new breakthrough on a global scale, Bayrak stated that they have laid critical foundations in order to take a role in India, Pakistan, Ukraine, which offer a large market in the construction equipment sector, and the American market, which is regarded as the starting center of the personnel elevator platform sector. Bayrak said, "We continue to meet with users on global platforms through our existing and ongoing dealerships in many parts of Europe such as France, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Spain, especially Germany, which is the leading country in the European economy. In addition to these countries, our annual production; "We export to more than 20 countries such as Israel, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria."

In the used equipment market He grew up saying "Start Over"

Kerem Bayrak, who also touched on his activities in second-hand machinery sales, continued his words as follows: “Our renewal service, which reinforces the trust in the ELS Lift brand in the international arena, has continued to be a cost-effective solution partner thanks to the 1-year manufacturer`s warranty and technical service costs. We gained momentum with the motto of "Start Over!", And we achieved significant sales volumes in the global market with our renewed second-hand machinery sales. " Bayrak, who also mentioned the sectoral problems, underlined the need for an incentive structuring for domestic production in the platform sector.