ELS Lift Will Reduce Imports With It`s Electrical and Light Products


ELS Lift, which succeeded in preventing imports with the production of a lighter and easily portable elevator platform compared to its counterparts, provides energy efficiency to its customers with its 100% electrical product range.

ELS Lift, which has produced an average of one thousand riser platforms annually since its establishment in 2008, as of today, serves in the categories of battery powered scissor, vertical and articulated platform that users need for high access, from 4.5 meters to 15 meters. Exporting 65 percent of its production to 25 countries, the company recorded 35 percent growth in exports in 2020, and reached 38 percent growth in total turnover. Kerem Bayrak, the General Manager of ELS Lift, stated that they plan to grow by 30 percent each year, which they aim in the field of export, and that they aim to increase the share in the domestic market from 55 percent to over 70 percent. Bayrak said, “This year, we are planning to sign at least 3 distributorship agreements in the global market. Affect the brand positioning strategy Thanks to our perception of our audience on a global scale in a positive way, a large worldwide share space remains in competition with our competitors, represents the best in our areas of activity of Turkey, we hope. Before starting our manufacturing processes boom lift on the market in Turkey it was only included products of foreign brands. Thanks to our production processes in European standards, we have brought our domestic customers together with quality equipment. Some of the features that distinguish us from other brands are that our product groups are lighter than their counterparts. Functionality is achieved with this feature, which allows passing through standard doors and carrying in elevators. Following the worldwide occupational safety standards and producing accordingly increases the reliability of our equipment. "All of our machines, powered by 100 percent electricity, provide energy efficiency thanks to their long-term maintenance-free batteries and long operating times.

Adds America to It`s Portfolio

Expressing that they have exported 65 percent of their production as of today, Kerem Bayrak said that they carry out their foreign operations through their existing dealerships in Germany, France, England, Spain, India, Ukraine and Belarus. Bayrak said, "In addition to these countries, we export to more than 25 countries. We are also present in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Algeria, Switzerland, Austria and the USA, which is our target market as of 2020 ”. Stating that the AE15 product, which is called the articulated personnel elevator platform, was preferred in the domestic market last year, Bayrak said that platforms below 6 meters, which are called low-level access equipment suitable for indoor use due to the updated occupational safety standards, attracted attention.

Developing Three New Models Every Year

Referring to the R&D activities carried out with the strategy of launching three new model products every year, Kerem Bayrak said, “This year we are working on new models. "We are planning to put into serial production the VM6 model, which provides 6 meters high access in the vertical personnel riser platform group, and the EL16 model, which provides 16 meters high access in the scissor lifts category, and the EL19, which provides 19 meters high access."

"Minimizing the Carbon Footprint is Also on Our Agenda"

Kerem Bayrak, who also made evaluations about the future of the sector, concluded his words as follows: “Trends, which are getting stricter day by day and changing within the scope of occupational health and safety laws, affect from R&D processes to the players in the supplier chains. The goal of minimizing the carbon footprint, which is an agenda item in every sector, is valid for the sector we are in. We are aware that there is an increasing transformation for machines with electric and hybrid fuel systems worldwide, including Europe. Within the scope of the emission regulations that continue to be updated in parallel with this development, it is seen that the use of lithium-ion batteries will increase due to the environmentally friendly and longer service life compared to their equivalents. With a smart phone application, we have no doubt that innovations such as mobile control and 5G technology will soon be integrated into machines and become a trend.

ELS Lift, which has been operating in the personnel elevating platform sector since 2008, has a production volume of nearly a thousand personnel riser platform per year with over 100 employees in its factory in Bursa, and operates in a closed area of ​​10 thousand square meters and an open area of ​​3 thousand 500 square meters.