ELS Lift Stood Out With It`s Products at the Bursa Industry Summit.


The leading brand in Turkey globally, acting by staff riser platform in the industry is totally domestic understanding of our country, contributing to sustainable growth in this area ELSE lift R & D activities with innovative products developed as a result, the exhibition organized as part of this year Bursa Industry Summit, visitors came to the fore due to his intense interest.

Founded in 1979, one of the Elsisan Inc.`s brand and since 2008 in Turkey`s boom lift sector, signing of important studies on a global scale ELSE lift the industry`s most important meeting held at the national and international scale, continues to attract attention for its success .

In this direction, ELS Lift lastly, within the scope of "Bursa Industry Summit", which is organized by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in cooperation with TÜYAP and brings together Bursa Metal Processing Technologies Fair, Bursa Sheet Metal Processing Fair, Welding Technologies Fair and Bursa Automation Fair under the same roof. During the organization held between November 29 and December 2, ELS Lift hosted its guests in Hall 6, booth no 608 / B, while ELS Lift`s R&D efforts made it completely `local`. The interest of local and foreign visitors to the innovative and value-added products that it has implemented as `on-site production` has also been intense.

The New Vertical Riser Lift Is On The Scene

5 meters to 18 meters up access with a variety of features height, light duty scissor lift, battery powered scissor lift, 4 * 4 diesel scissor lifts, battery powered platform, the vertical personnel lift the lift group, Turkey and ELS Lift become the preferred supplier of personnel lifting platform operator in the international market, the new vertical riser platform introduced VM6 to its user. Stating that bilateral business meetings were extremely efficient, ELS Lift General Manager Kerem Bayrak said, “Fairs are a very good opportunity to explain our company and our product quality to the general sector. Visitors have the opportunity to see the quality of our products produced with the latest technology, the width of our product group, and the innovative products we offer to the personnel elevator platform sector. In this direction, we aim to continue developing and producing new products by developing sustainable growth strategies, together with the R&D and innovation activities that we attach great importance to ”.