ELS Lift Started Delivery of Zirve Crane


Turkey`s staff riser platform in the industry signing of important studies on a global scale ELS Lift, domestic Although the world is four including a side continues unabated to perform in their delivery.

ELS Lift for Zirve Crane, which has been serving Kayseri and its surrounding cities since 1997; The deliveries of 21 pieces of special color working scissor lift platforms started. ELS Lift Sales and Marketing Director İrfan İşmak, who conveyed his notes about the meeting, said the following; As ELS Lift, we continue to be preferred with the price advantages we offer and our after-sales services that we attach great importance to abroad. We are very happy with the cooperation we have realized with Zirve Vinc. "

Zirve Crane General Manager Mustafa Kilit said, "We have used ELS Lift branded products before and we were quite satisfied. For this reason, we decided to continue our investments on the same brand. It makes us very proud that ELS Lift is a local manufacturer. It has a product range that makes a difference compared to its competitors in terms of price performance balance. "We may have a purchase request for another 20 machines by the end of the year."