ELS Lift Raised It`s Target in Both Internal and External Market


Kerem Bayrak, General Manager of ELS Lift, noted that they have set their 2021 export targets as 35 percent and said, “We aim to increase our current share in the domestic market from 55 percent to over 70 percent. "As a company that exports 65 percent of its production, we hope to sign at least 3 new distributorship agreements in the global market in the new year.``

ELS Lift was founded by Kerem Bayrak in 2008 and started to operate in the aerial work platform sector. It has an annual production volume of approximately one thousand AWP with over 100 employees including 3 thousand 500 square meters open area, 10 thousand square meters closed area, scissors, articulated boom, telescopic boom and vertical mast lift.


Kerem Bayrak, General Manager of ELS Lift, explained that they made a very quick start to 2020 with the hope of getting rid of the negative effects of 2019 in the construction equipment sector as in every sector, “But since the third month of the year, a period full of uncertainty has been entered with the pandemic that has increased its effect all over the world. . The effects of the virus have greatly affected the entire world economy along with human health.
As a manufacturing company, the breakdowns in the supply chains and the difficulties experienced in terms of delivery of the products we produce to our customers have occurred. During the period when the pandemic was intense, there was a 40 percent contraction in the domestic market. Towards the summer months, a slow recovery was observed. In terms of the global market, the contraction in exports in European countries continued until the last quarter of 2020. Despite all this, ELS Lift closed the year 2020 with a growth of 35 percent in exports and 38 percent in total.
In addition to this, our Renewal Center, which we commissioned under our After Sales Services department in 2019, and we provide guaranteed revision service for used machines, especially our own brand, has increased its capacity by more than 100%, ”he said.


As ELS Lift, it is of critical importance for them to find solutions to their customers` needs as soon as possible and to ensure that they can continue their business without interruption, Bayrak said that for this reason, they accelerated the completion of the online after-sales services platform, where they started infrastructure works in the last quarter of 2019. Bayrak said, “We plan to make our digital program available to our customers as soon as possible, where they can perform many operations from spare parts requests through the method of adding to the basket, to the detailed identification of the purchased machines. In addition, some of our dealers abroad have started online sales in certain product groups with the technical support provided by our expert team. " said.


Noting that as ELS Lift, they set their target of 30 percent growth in exports every year as 35 percent for 2021, Bayrak continued as follows: "We aim to increase our current share in the domestic market from 55 percent to over 70 percent. As a company that exports 65 percent of its production, we hope to sign at least 3 new distributorship agreements in the global market in the new year. In the light of the experiences we gained in 2020, we aim to reach new customers in different regions instead of appealing to multiple customers in a certain region in order to continue our sales activities with the least impact of these irregularities. In a world where the epidemic process normalizes social distance, it has become an important task for all of us to seek and find new ways of socializing. For this reason, it is among our priorities to reach our customers by keeping digitalization at the main center in our marketing activities and to carry out our marketing activities successfully as a strict follower of the trends in this field.
Kerem Bayrak pointed out that ELS Lift continues to make its name through its existing dealerships in Germany, France, England, Spain, India, Ukraine and Belarus by exporting 65 percent of its production, and He stated that they continued to export products to their customers in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Algeria, Switzerland, Austria, Korea, Vietnam and America, which it determined as the target market as of 2020. Bayrak also stated that they are working to make new agreements in Australia and the Asian market recently.


Bayrak, which explains that ELS Lift R&D strategies, which was established to introduce three new models to the market every year, will continue in 2021, VM6 model, which provides 6 meters high access in the vertical mast lifts group, and 16 meters high access in the scissor lift category. He stated that they are planning to put into mass production the EL16 models, which offer the opportunity to reach a height of 19 meters, and the EL19 models, which provide a height of 19 meters, and that all of these products are battery-powered electric models with environmentally friendly and smart technologies.

In terms of Turkey`s economy machinery in sectors such as high value-added sector of the importance of further increased in recent years, to reduce imports in the sectors in which qualifications and Flag indicating that the capacity "of Turkish goods perception abroad, I think that is located higher than the perceptions in the country. More intensive studies should be carried out in order to increase this situation in the domestic market.
While the export of our sector is increasing, unfortunately, our imports in the domestic market are increasing in parallel. When looking at the issue in terms of Turkey`s economy it is of great importance in this case. We should aim to reduce the growth rates based on imported machinery in our production activities in which we are strong, by explaining the importance of sectors with high added value and quality such as the machinery sector to the end users and investors more. "At the top of the critical issues here is the customer`s access to finance," he said.