ELS Lift Participated in the Germany Platformer’s Days.


 Staff riser platform in the industry pioneer brand in Turkey`s global ELS Lift, 14 - on the 15th of September in Germany hosted the industry`s largest meeting place which is considered as one of the platformer`s Days Fair, R & D studies innovative products developed as a result `Turkey brand `proudly presented to visitors from all over the world.

Since 2008 in Bursa, Turkey`s staff riser platform in the industry signing of important studies on a global scale ELSE Lift, organized around the world and continues to take part in the industry`s largest event.

ELS Lift; One of the events most important open-air lifting equipment in Europe, adopted Germany`s only company that participated from Turkey to the platformer`s Days event hosted by the city of Hohenroda to these securities ELSE lift, while Germany, distributor entertained the visitors in the Kunz Group`s booth.
New Vertical Riser Lift on Stage

In the organization, which is one of the most important events of the sector, ELS Lift introduced its new vertical elevator platform VM6 to its user. Our VM6 product, which is also included in the Low Level Access (Light & Low Type Personnel Lift Platforms) product group, where usage areas have been increasing in our country, does not occupy space thanks to its compact design by offering 6 meters working height. In addition to the possibility of working at full height, it provides efficiency to the user with its electric drive system. At the same time, 50 cm balcony extension is offered as standard in this product.

We Aim to Grow Globally

Noting that the 2-day event was extremely efficient for ELS LIFT, Kerem Bayrak, General Manager of ELS LIFT, noted that the products they developed with advanced technology created significant differences in terms of efficiency and added value compared to their counterparts. Bayrak emphasized that they aim to grow by 30% this year by supporting their innovative production power with widespread service on a global scale, and added that they will continue their studies in order to stand out in this field with the qualified products they develop.