ELS Lift Has Raised It`s Target in Exports


ELS Lift, which started the production of personnel elevating platforms in Bursa in 2008, continues its activities in an area of ​​13,500 square meters with nearly a thousand personnel. Exporting 65 percent of its production to more than 25 countries through its dealerships in Germany, France, England, Spain, India, Ukraine and Belarus, ELS Lift started to take place in the US market as of 2020.

ELS Lift Sales Marketing Director İrfan İşmak, who made evaluations about ELS Lift`s activities, future targets, R&D studies and the sector, said, "When we consider the sector we are in, we are in a line that guides the sector with our understanding of the company that follows and applies innovations.

Speaking about the features that distinguish ELS Lift from other companies, İşmak said, “We are largely separated from our competitors thanks to our visionary understanding in R&D studies and marketing activities that we attach great importance to. We compete with companies in global markets with our innovative and user-friendly products and our price policy. One of our main features that differentiates our company from domestic producers is that we have created brand awareness in the eyes of consumers by producing products with high added value in international standards ”.

Expressing that they attach great importance to after-sales services as ELS Lift, İşmak said, “These services are as important as the qualities of our products. For this reason, we realize most of our investments in this area. We will start the digitalization process that we started in the last quarter of 2019, in the last quarter of this year. Thus, from our distributors to end users, they will be able to easily provide their transactions through this portal. We are in an advantageous position against our competitors with our cost-effective and fast-accessible spare parts supply and effective service ”.

Three new products every year with R&D studies

Referring to the company`s R&D studies, İşmak said, “We will continue our ELS Lift R&D strategy, which was established to introduce three new model products every year. "We aim to put into mass production the VM6 model, which provides 6 meters high access in the vertical personnel elevator platform group, the EL16, which provides 16 meters high access in the scissor lift platforms category, and the EL19, which provides 19 meters high access.

Ismair found in the assessment of the construction machinery industry, "Turkey ranks as the 9th largest country in the European construction machinery manufacturing industry. It is also the country with the fastest growth rate in the last 8 years after the construction machinery market in Turkey, China and India. 4. having some sales in the European market, Turkey`s largest construction machinery, transport in 2023 is expected to top 3 this order, "he said.

İşmak continued his words as follows; “Due to the ever-increasing legal regulations against OHS rules, which are vital in workplaces, there is a need for personnel elevating platforms to ensure safe access in all areas where working at height is required. For this reason, the demand for personnel elevating platforms continues in our country as in the whole world. "