ELS Lift Articulated Boom Lifts: AE15


Articulated Boom Lift AE15, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, designed to create the highest level of safe workplaces while reaching further in difficult, hard to reach working areas that needs versatility, such as airports, shopping malls, ports, shipyards and building facade cleanings.
Offering a workspace around obstacles, AE15; Provides accessibility to the user with its horizontal access to 8,65 m. With a working height of 15 meters and has a chassis width of 1.52 m. It also offers the operator a 355 ° swing, multi-axis joystick and a lifting capacity up to 230 kg.
It stands out in areas that require precise use with the AC drive system that eliminates the need for maintenance. Other standard features are also available, such as CAN communication system, battery charger with auto-off system, non-marking tires and emergency lowering system.
Articulated boom lifts AE15, which is the most preferred model of rental parks, makes the product more valuable with its advantage during transportation thanks to its pulling hooks and lifting points.
Expressing his thoughts about the future of the product group, ELS Lift Sales Marketing Director İrfan İşmak said: `` It is now the responsibility of citizens all over the world to strive against air pollution and global warming issues. Commercial companies operating on a global scale were also forced to offer environmentally friendly alternatives. For this reason, as ELS Lift, we are preparing to introduce our new version articulated boom lift product with zero emission hybrid articulated boom lift in the last quarter of 2020 to the user.``