Access International Magazine - Vertical Masts


1. What are your latest vertical pole products that you put into mass production and when was it launched?

• In the last quarter of 2017, ELS Lift started a new product expansion and started the production of vertical pole product series with VM10-J product. At the Platformers Days held in 2018, it introduced the new vertical pole product prototype VM6 to its user.
2. What are its main features? Why did you decide to launch the product?

• Vertical personnel lift platform VM10-J, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with its low machine weight of 2800 kg; It offers a higher horizontal reach with 3.15 m compared to its competitors. With its maintenance-free AC drive system, it stands out in areas where sensitive use is required, and when necessary, it replaces high weight articulated platforms. With a working height of 9.80 meters, the VM10-J is user friendly thanks to its multi-axis joystick. Thanks to its non-marking tires, it is very suitable for indoor use, its ability to climb 25%, its uninterrupted 350 ° swing, zero tail swing and 0.99 m width, it is especially preferred in narrow areas. In response to fast failure solutions, which is the main priority of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in `` Technical Service `` requests: Easy access to the components on the machine, information such as annotated error codes, charge percentage, working hours thanks to the integrated Diagnostic Center Display, and are saved. Thanks to the large tool tray, it provides the operator with a large working area and provides maximum safety with the tilt sensor integrated into the ECU. Another advantage is that it is environmentally friendly with zero emissions thanks to its battery system. The VM6 model, whose prototype stages are still ongoing, takes up less space and is easy to store thanks to its compact dimensions. Nowadays, due to the increase in the work in closed areas, this machine category, which requires horizontal access, is compatible for sensitive floors, provides passage through narrow areas and will assume the task of a standard scissor lift, has become a rising value on a global scale. We continue to develop our product range in this direction in order to meet the current need in the market.
3. Which vertical mast elevators are you planning to put into mass production in the future and what will be their main features?

• In addition to these two models that we have presented to the market, another model with JIB extention is being prepared for the market. Our VM6 model, whose prototype stages continue, will be put into mass production in the last quarter of 2020.

4. Is there a switch to more direct electric drive models for this type of equipment? What are its advantages?

• Our two models are directly electric driven. VM10-J model will be produced as an AC motor, while VM6 will be put into mass production as SEPEX and DC. The main advantages of the products are the maintenance-free structure of the electric motors, reducing the maintenance costs and increasing the battery life and usage time as the product provides more efficiency compared to the hydraulic walk.

5. What other trends are there in the vertical pole industry? Please explain.

• In this matter, we can briefly talk about the plans to convert telematic applications to standard for our VM10-J model.

6. Are vertical posts widely adopted? How does it differ from region to region?
• ELS Lift Sales & Marketing Director İrfan İşmak said: "These products, which provide a user-friendly experience by providing more access to various usage areas such as general maintenance applications and industrial warehouse, were in high demand in the market. Thanks to the optional solutions it offers, it has increased efficiency by offering more flexibility to rental park owners and operators compared to other products. We receive our demands mostly from European countries, North America and Scandinavian countries."