Indispensable for the Business World: Personnel Elevating Platform

İş Dünyasının Vazgeçilmezi: Personel Yükseltici Platformlar

Personal elevating platforms significantly prevent possible work accidents, are very simple to use, and significantly alleviate the workload and save money. These devices take the burden of the work in the production area and bring the time management and workload to very reasonable levels.

Types of Personnel Lift Platforms

Personal elevating platforms; It can be used in many places and sectors such as large factories, high buildings, storage areas. They aim to make it difficult to access, which cannot be climbed by stairs, cannot be mounted or dangerous, and ensure that the person continues to reach a solution quickly. In the product or merchandise alignment of large warehouses, in the repair and cleaning of high vehicles such as ships, planes, in the exterior and glass cleaning of tall buildings and business towers, in the high area works required in construction or interior decoration. In various sectors such as multiple sectors and business tips, It is an indispensable product that can be used for promotion. There are many types of personnel elevating platforms. Food choices vary according to the location, the intensity of the work, and the kind of work. Personnel elevating platforms are gathered under four main headings; light type scissor lift, scissor lift, vertical and articulated personal lift platforms.

If we talk about personal lifting platforms, light-type scissor lifters; It has a working area of 4.5 meters to 5.5 meters. It can lift to 250 kg. It can climb a 25% slope. Scissors; their maximum working heights range from 6 meters to 13.95 meters. It can lift 350 kg of weight. It can climb a 25% slope. Verticals; their maximum working heights range from 6 meters to 9.8 meters. Their maximum horizontal reach is 3.15 meters. Jointed; Up to 15 meters of operation offer void. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

ELS Lift has been making domestic production since 2008. In addition to being in various sectors, it has dealerships in Germany, France, England, Spain, India, Ukraine, and Belarus. Products are exported to the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Algeria, Switzerland, and Austria. ELS Lift also produces products that comply with ISO 9001 quality certificate, CE certificate, and TS EN280 standards.