About Us

ELS Lift is the only major and domestic aerial work platform manufacturer operating in Turkey on a global scale. Since the first day of its establishment, our company has been working on understanding the needs of its customers in various regions of the world and producing solutions. In accordance with the increasing demands for aerial work platforms, ELS Lift has added scissor lift platforms, battery-powered articulated and vertical work platforms, which offer the opportunity to work up to under 5 meters and up to 15 meters to its product range.

ELS Lift continues to reach end users operating in various industrial areas (construction, maintenance, repair, cleaning, aviation, defense industry, etc.) besides rental companies, that are a large part of the aerial work platform market.

On the one hand, ELS Lift continues to serve its customers with its technical service network in Turkey, and on the other hand, in the international market, the company exports 65% of its production to more than 25 countries through its existing dealerships in Germany, France, England, Spain, India, Ukraine and Belarus. Among these countries, ELS Lift has started to operate in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Netherlands, Algeria, Switzerland, Austria and America, which are among their target markets as of 2020. ELS Lift also has ISO 9001 quality certificate and offers competitive products with CE certification and TS EN280 standards.