About Us

ELS Lift, one of the trademarks of Elsisan A.Ş. established in 1979, has been continuing production activities in the personnel lifting platform industry since 2008 as the leading trademark operating in global scale.

Elsisan can present 5 new models ready for serial production to the international markets each year thanks to its greatly valued R&D and innovation studies in the state-of-the-art production facility covering 14.000 square meters and providing employment for more than 200 workers.

Elsisan production facility is equipped with advanced technology including laser cutting stations, 5-axis welding robots, CNC lathe and processing centers, wet dyeing, powder coating, sandblasting and such features. 7 machines with cutting edge technology and added value meeting the international quality standards can be produced daily in the production facility of Elsisan.

ELS Lift reaches its customers through its dealers located in Germany, France, Russia and Croatia and exports 60% of its annual production to more than 20 countries and especially to Switzerland, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.

ELS Lift provides services for various sectors with a wide range of products and it is the "preferred" brand of personnel lifting and transfer platform operators both globally and in Turkey in terms of vertical personnel platform groups that have an access height from 5 to 18 meters with various properties such as light type scissor, battery powered scissor, battery powered articulated lifting platforms.

In addition, ELS Lift provides innovative products for general and heavy construction, mining and industrial, textile, steel, chemistry, pharmaceutics, ceramic, wood, automotive, plastic, food and energy industries. ELS Lift also participates in public projects as a major supplier.

ELS Lift also offers various solutions with fast, flexible and solution-oriented sales and after sales support services thanks to the diverse supports it provides such as trainings offered to its customers all around the world for enabling an efficient and highly safe usage possibility and financial opportunities for its wide range of products. As per the R&D and innovation policies, ELS Lift provides competitive product designs that meet TS EN280 standards and possess ISO 9001 and CE certificates to the international market by following the technological improvements closely and it exhibits continuous improvement with sustainable growth strategies and investments that provide added value to production.

ELS Lift is a member of "İm&Der’’, where it has an active role in various groups of the association and continues its studies in accordance with the needs of the sector.